Hin Chen's Ärtan Queen

Born: 2014-07-02

Co-owned with Elsa



NUCh Mr. Royal Capuccino

INT BH MONT R NORD FI UCH WW-08'14 Hin Chen`s Princess

Pedigree of Tyra

NORD UCH Lady Chima´s Trust Captain Cristy

N S UCh Red´N Sweet Precious Energy

EUW-06 FINCh INT &NORDUCH NORDV-05 NV-06SV&FIV&KBHV-04 Fossella Kama Sutra

Centastage Lives The Dream

Int NORD Ch Tangse Quick Step To Vegas

Hashanah Love At First Sight

NORDUCH Spovens So Smart Play

NuCh Ming-Tzing´s Happy Go Lucky

Santosha Midnight Caller

EUW-06 FI V-04 INT&NORD UCH KBH V-03 NO UCH SE V-04 Fossella Smell Of Chanel

GBCH Hashanah Hot Shot

Ming-Tzing´s Thaiphei At Tercero

Tvärskeppsgatan 4, SE 218 72 Tygelsjö, SWEDEN

Tel:+46 (0)40 232209

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Top winning Shih Tzu kennel in Sweden


Sofi Pålsson



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